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Trying to find a reliable electronic cigarette can seem a bit difficult when there are so many in the market to choose from. One of the most popular companies for electronic cigarettes is Smoke Relief. Smoke Relief describes its e-Cigarette as “America’s #1 e-Cigarette”, and it certainly lives up to the expectations of a quality product. Smoke Relief offers what other e-Cigarretes offer, but with even more benefits.

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The Smoke Relief e-cigarette cartridge and battery is shaped the way a typical tobacco cigarette would be shaped, but its unique cartridge allows nicotine to be placed in its liquid flavor container.

How is the Smoke Relief e-Cigarette used? It’s actually very simple. You, the smoker, inhale on one end of the cartridge, activating the atomizer which heats the liquid, thus turning it into water vapor. Another major difference between Smoke Relief and other e-Cigarettes is that Smoke Relief contains absolutely no carcinogens, making it perfectly safe for public use.

Smoke Relief also offers a wide variety of tasty flavors including tobacco, vanilla, cherry, menthol, peach, cappuccino, and countless more, creating an extremely pleasant smoking experience for its user. Smoke Relief’s extremely popular starter kit includes the following:
5 flavored cartridges from our variety of flavor choices, chosen by the customer 2 lithium-ion batteries a USB charger and cable to keep the enjoyment going a deluxe carrying case to carry everything conveniently Smoke Relief is a tremendously powerful alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, not to mention it’s very affordable and actually saves money. One Smoke Relief cartridge is actually equivalent to about 25 traditional tobacco cigarettes.

This e-Cigarette is great for customers who are looking to cut back on their smoking budget, but is also useful for those who would like to quit smoking as well. The Smoke Relief e-cigarette company definitely demonstrates its superiority. Be sure to use the Smoke Relief promo code to save extra cash on your next check out.