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Black Note is known as one of the leading tobacco e-juice brands, naturally extracted through a natural process.

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For years, various companies have attempted to help smokers get rid of their harmful habit by developing lots of new products: electronic cigarettes are perhaps the brightest example of such pursuit of replacing common cigarettes. This review is dedicated to Black Note E-Juice, more frequently called as Black Note E-Liquid, a newly introduced authentic liquid for electronic cigarettes. So what this product has to offer?

A Few Words about Black Note

This newcomer has noticeably shaken the market and changed the status-quo. Indeed, even though the mission of this company seems too noble and irrealizable – Black Note claims that its primary goal is to see the world without tobacco – yet its products may boast some success in this field. Moreover, the company already has a spotless reputation among customers thanks to the high quality of its products (see below) and the transparent, clearly explained the process of the e-liquid creation.

Unquestionable Strengths of Black Note

First of all, the company offers 8 different liquids to its customers, and this ensures that any smoker would find a preferable taste for him or her. An especially important aspect is – and the company emphasizes it – that all the offered liquids resemble the usual tobacco, which is crucial for smokers who want to deprive themselves of smoking (all of us, smokers and ex-smokers, know how tobacco smokers are used to the tobacco flavor). As a matter of fact, e-liquids were mostly produced with unnatural flavors that could not satisfy active smokers. Now, given these newly offered products of Black Note, it may change.

The second obvious strength of the company is its focus on this particular niche. This way, you can be sure that the Black Note will not stuff the market with myriads of low-quality, mediocre products, the way many large tobacco corporations do.

Furthermore, the Black Note e-liquids are not artificially created, but produced from exclusively natural ingredients, tobacco leaves. The company guarantees that no chemical additives (like Acetoin, about which you have perhaps heard) or sweeteners are added into the liquids. This aspect is definitely essential for people who care about their health, isn’t it?

A Detail for Socially Responsible Citizens

Socially responsible citizens may find that this company is a total antipode to big tobacco companies. In addition to its astonishing mission, Black Note has something more to offer.

The company is eco-friendly, and offers one free bottle of Black Note E-Juice in exchange of 5 used tubes. All you have to do is to fill out a form on the company’s website, send the used bottles, and receive an additional bottle of e-liquid.

Last but not least, the company donates one percent of its profits to charity, which can be considered as the company’s advantage, too.

In result, we can say that Black Note offers a high-quality, natural product and explicitly shows the whole chain of the product creation. Perfectly designed and supplied in a gorgeous pack, this product is recommended for trying to anyone who wants to forget about smoking. Indeed, active smokers may also find a good substitute in this product and abandon smoking after some time, as well. Even though Black Note E-Juice is a little bit pricey product, a chance to get rid of smoking with the help of the natural, harmless product is worth enough.